About Waterproved

At Waterproved, our mission is to keep you dry and your home protected from, you guessed it, water.

Water is the lifeblood of our society, but it can also do some serious damage to your home, your valuables, or your health if you're out camping and can't stay dry.

Waterproofing isn't anything new (it's been around for thousands of years), but the standards for what makes something "water resistant" and "waterproof" varies a lot these days, and you may not be getting the level of protection you think with any given product.

We're here to put those products through the testing gauntlet, provide advice on waterproofing, and give y'all the confidence to waterproof stuff yourself.

On Waterproved.com, you'll find 4 series of research to accomplish that goal.

  • Our Top Picks - Roundups of the best waterproof products in different categories.
  • Is It Waterproof? - Research on popular products and materials to find out how waterproof they actually are.
  • How to Waterproof It - Step-by-step DIY guides on how to waterproof stuff.
  • Waterproofing Education - In-depth articles on the most frequently asked questions in waterproofing.

If you have any products you want us to test, questions about waterproofing, or just want to say hi, feel free to shoot us a message below.

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