How We Test

At Waterproved, we take a lot of pride (and have a lot of fun) testing every product we review. We put every product we test through a 3-phase waterproof testing process. After each step is complete, we check how the product holds up. We also have several other quality criteria that we look at, which changes depending on the type of product we're reviewing (you can find those criteria on our Top Picks guides). For example, the features that you look for in a high quality waterproof backpack are not going to be the same as mascara. Here's a deeper look at our testing process. Have more questions? Head over to our about page and send us a note.

The Mist


First up: The Mist. The lightest and easiest of our waterproofing tests to pass. Each product sits in our "mist tunnel" for 30 minutes. Once that time is up, we check in to see how everything is holding up. You'd be surprised, some products that say they are "water resistant" or "waterproof" don't even make it past this test.

The Rain


Next up: The Rain. Okay, it's getting a little harder now. We go all David Nail on each product and "let it rain" for 30 minutes. Once the half hour has passed, we once again check in and make our notes on how the product held up and if it's working like whoever produced it said it would. Spoiler alert - not everyone makes it to the final round. Buuuut, we test them anyways because it's fun. And informative!

The Dunk


And that brings us to the final and most rigorous test of them all: The Dunk. We submerge each product in a tank filled with water and test if they are truly impenetrable and live up to what their manufacturer says they can withstand. And yes, if we're testing a piece of clothing, cosmetics, or some other product that goes on your person, you better believe the person testing is getting dunked too. Told you it was fun.