Are The Arc’teryx Thorsen and Patera Down Parkas Waterproof? Here Are Our Test Results

So parkas, right? The assumption is you would wear one to waterproof yourself. However, we aren’t going to take their word for it. We decided to test the Arc’teryx Thorsen and Patera Down Parkas and see how waterproof they are.

We know when you spend your money on a product you want to see good results from it. That is not too much to ask for, right? We want these products to hold to what they claim! To find the truth, we use a three-step test method to test the waterproofness of all the products we review.

Down below, you’ll find our thoughts about these products and the results of our waterproof testing.

The Basics

To start us off, let’s dive into some of the details about these products.

The men’s Arc’teryx Thorsen Down Parka for men claims to contain materials that are waterproof and breathable. It uses 750-fill down insulation with Coreloft synthetic insulation in areas that are more likely to become moist.

This parka is about mid-thigh length. To make this parka feel like less of a straight jacket and more of a flexible coat, the guys over at Arc’teryx Thorsen have designed this product with articulated seams and underarm gussets. (This is going to give you a lot more free movement.)

It also has internal cuff gaskets, which will help seal in heat to your parka.

To top it off, it comes with a hood featuring the same insulation as the coat. It’s also adjustable. The parka comes in both black and Cobalt Moon (a navy blue color).

The Arc’teryx Patera Down Parka for women claims to be waterproof as well. With a Gore-Tex shell and a 75-denier fabric that has DWR coating to repel water. It has gusseted underarms as well (which gives you more range of motion).

It also has stretch-knit cuffs on the inside to keep that cold air from coming up your sleeves! Top it off with another insulated hood with a laminated brim. It even has drawcords for a tighter seal against inclement weather.

The women’s parka comes in a wider variety of colors, including black, ultima (a maroon-type color), Megacosm (a teal color), and Macrame (an eggshell white).

Waterproof Testing Results

This product has countless great features, but that doesn’t mean it will stand up to our in-depth and intense waterproofing tests! I’m sure you’re ready to get into it. We will waste no more time! Here are our results for the Arc’teryx Thorsen and Patera Down Parkas, using our three-part waterproofing test! Do you think they made it to the final dunk?

The Mist

Not to our surprise, these parkas made it past the initial testing phase. What kind of parka would they be if they couldn’t withstand a little mist? Safe to say, these parkas passed this part of the waterproofing test with flying colors.

The Rain

These parkas also stood up like champs to our second step: the rain test. We stayed bone-dry during this phase of the testing. We think this parka is an excellent choice if you live in or plan to be in an area with rain or inclement weather. This thing will keep you warm and keep you dry.

The Dunk

Here is where it got a little dicier. Since the Arc’teryx parka doesn’t have a cinch at the bottom, it is nearly impossible to keep water out if you completely submerge yourself in water. However, we don’t think this parka is for activities where you’ll be totally in the water.

With that said, we can highly recommend this parka for folks living in places looking for some protection from heavy rain, snow, hail, etc.

Other Features We Like

We think it’s neat that this parka comes with an insulated hood, particularly the cinch drawstring to lock in warmth and keep moisture out.

We also appreciate how warm and comfortable this parka is. The way these parkas allow a full range of motion is super practical. Who remembers their parents bundling them up to go out into the snow and not being able to move (or breathe)?

Some other features we adore? Its stylish design and color options (especially in the women’s version).

Perhaps the best feature of all is this product’s durability. It contains materials that will keep you warm and dry for years to come.


While we believe this product is pretty exceptional, there is one thing we aren’t a huge fan of, the price. These parkas aren’t cheap. However, with a higher price, we believe the makers at Arc’teryx are giving you high-quality and durable parka. You can expect to have many dry, happy years with your Arc’teryx Thorsen and Patera Down Parka!

Who Should Get The Arc’teryx Thorsen and Patera Down Parkas

This parka is an impressive option for people who want some relief from cold, wet weather. If you live in or plan to visit a place with this climate, this parka is a superb option for you. It is especially useful for people living in walking cities, like New York, who spend a lot of time traveling to their destinations on foot.

You will also benefit from purchasing this parka if you spend some of your workday outside. Some others include teachers at recess, construction workers, even people who have a long walk to their car, honestly.

Final Verdict: Are the Arc’teryx Thorsen and Patera Down Parkas Waterproof?

Is the Arc’teryx Thorsen and Patera Down Parka completely waterproof? No. It will not work for you if you plan on submerging yourself in water. However, for its designed use (to trap moisture and inclement weather out, and keep heat in) it is one of the best waterproof and winter-proof jackets in our opinion.

Even with a high price, we believe this parka is worth it, and we know it will deliver.

If you need a high-quality coat to keep you warm and dry, no matter where you’re venturing to, the Arc’teryx Thorsen and Patera Down Parka is a practical investment for you to make to keep you protected.

Until next time, stay dry out there.