How to Waterproof Canvas

If you have a canvas tote bag, backpack, or even a canvas tarp, you know how frustrating heavy rain can be. Canvas is a durable, flexible, and environmentally friendly material. But unfortunately, it’s not entirely weather-resistant. Once it starts to […]

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Is Neoprene Waterproof?

The high demand for natural rubber led to the creation of synthetic alternatives like neoprene. Neoprene is a synthetic type of rubber that you can find in gaskets, hoses, tire sidewalls, and more. It’s a durable and flexible material, but

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Is Canvas Waterproof?

How waterproof is canvas? When planning to explore the outdoors, snorkeling, kayaking, or fishing; waterproof outdoor gear is a necessity to keep your stuff dry. True, from fashionable clothing and shoes to sailing and home décor, many items are made

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Is Suede Waterproof?

You might have heard that suede’s natural resilience makes it impervious to moisture and other environmental forces. You might also have heard that getting suede wet is a surefire way to ruin it for good. Which is it? The answer

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Is Leather Waterproof?

Leather is a premium quality material used in tons of products. Its natural qualities give it a long-lasting and durable reputation that other materials can’t beat when it comes to the fashion industry. Aside from its ability to withstand years

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Is Wool Waterproof?

The rave for waterproof items is steadily increasing as the world advances. You want to go out in the snow or rain with your gadgets, shoes, or clothes, all the while wanting everything to remain dry or intact. Wool is

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