Is The Footjoy DryJoys Hydrolite Golf Rain Jacket Waterproof? Here Are Our Test Results

What’s better than spending a crisp morning on the green, perfecting your drive? Not much, right?

However, your perfect, relaxing time golfing can take a turn for the worse if it starts to rain. Luckily, there are several waterproof golfing jackets on the market - or at least several that claim to be waterproof.

Today, we’ll be looking at Footjoy DryJoy’s Hydrolite golf jackets for both men and women. Before you spend your hard-earn money on these jackets, make sure they actually stand up to their waterproof claim.

Below, we’ll go into the details of the jackets and how they performed with our waterproof tests. We’ll combine all this information to answer the burning question of whether these jackets are truly waterproof.

Let’s tee off!

The Basics

When we talk about Footjoy DryJoy’s Hydrolite jackets, we are referring to two separate jackets: one for men and one for women. While the basic construction is comparable, the main difference is in the styling. The women’s cut is more fitted, while the men’s option is a bit boxier.

Now, let’s get into the more important details - what makes these jackets (allegedly) waterproof.

So, as the name implies, these jackets have a "Hydrolite" feature. The entire product has a shell made with lightweight fabrics and bonded liner that work together to keep you dry.

Plus, the fabrics are seam-sealed so that not a single drop of water gets through the jacket to your skin and clothes. Another area where water could possibly get through the jacket is through the zipper. Thankfully, Footjoy specifically designed the frontal zipper to provide complete protection - if, of course, you have it zipped all the way.

With all of these waterproof features, Footjoy trusts so much in their Hydrolite product that they even have a two-year waterproof guarantee.

Waterproof Testing Results

So, FootJoy believes that their product is 100% waterproof - but is it actually? That’s where we come in!

With every product we test, we do a three-step process to see how the material will hold up under different degrees of wetness. Some supposedly waterproof products may withstand the first and possibly the second test, but we push the limits with our third step.

For something to be truly waterproof, it must pass The Mist, Rain, and Dunk assessments. Now, before you start wondering how we can possibly test a jacket with a dunk test - since there are obvious gaping holes for your head, arms, and torso - let’s clear up any confusion. We have fun during these tests, and one of our team members actually wears the jacket while we dunk it - and consequently the individual!

So, let’s share what our team’s hard work showed. Did the Footjoy jackets pass our rigorous tests?

The Mist

For the first step, we kept it light and applied just a mist on the jackets. They spent 30 minutes in our mist tunnel, and guess what? The Footjoy jackets passed the mist test with flying colors.

As such, you don’t have to let a light drizzle or a cloudy forecast deter you from an enjoyable time golfing.

The Rain

To take it up a notch, we put the jackets - and our fellow team members - under heavy rain for a half-hour. Now, the material itself held up nicely, but there was a slight disadvantage.

Since the jacket has no hood, there are naturally some tiny gaps around the collar where a little bit of rain can reach your clothes and skin.

While this is a con for the waterproofing side of the jacket, golfers may not mind. The addition of a hood can obstruct their vision while trying to perfect their swing.

The Dunk

Of course, since some water got in through the collar during the rain test, this jacket did not pass the dunk step. Once completely submerged, water seeped in through the top of the jacket.

Still, this jacket is the most waterproof golfing jacket we’ve tested. Apart from the slight gaps in the collar, this jacket performed extremely well.

Other Features We Like

It’s not all about waterproofing! This jacket has several other selling points as well.

First, the polyester fabric is lightweight and comfortable, with a four-way stretch perfect for athletes. Plus, the sizing is accurate; you don’t have to worry about getting a jacket that doesn’t fit right!

You can choose between a dozen colors and six sizes, ensuring you get the perfect style for you. And we can’t forget the custom pocket for your scorecard!


Our biggest complaint, of course, is the lack of a hood. However, considering the target market, we can’t take away too many points because a hood would block a golfer’s vision.

On top of that, the price is a bit high compared to other waterproof jackets. You can find several non-golfing options for about $30 or $40, and this Footjoy product costs almost $200. Still, the waterproofing material works, so many would say the price is completely justified.

Who Should Get The Footjoy DryJoys Hydrolite Golf Rain Jacket

The ideal market for this jacket is, as we’ve mentioned, golfers. However, if you want to golf in all weather conditions - especially in pouring rain - this may not be the best product for you unless you have something to cover your head and neck.

That said, this is by far our highest-ranked waterproof jacket for golfers. If you’re looking for something to keep you dry in light rain or as you run from the green to your golf cart, this is the perfect product.

Other athletic individuals who love the outdoors may also enjoy this jacket since it’s lightweight, comfortable, and almost entirely waterproof.

Final Verdict: Is The Footjoy DryJoys Hydrolite Golf Rain Jacket Waterproof?

Yes, the material itself is waterproof, from the waist to the neck.

As a whole, there are some downfalls. Don’t expect to stay completely dry in a downpour unless you have a hat or something to cover your neck.

Still, Footjoy has a 100% waterproof guarantee, and we have to say that their jackets almost live up to that statement. We’d give them a 95% score, just for the lack of a hood. The rest of the jacket is stellar! That was enough to land a spot on our best waterproof jackets list.

Until next time, stay dry out there.