Are The Grundéns Tourney and Sedna Jackets Waterproof? Here Are Our Test Results

Are you an adventurous couple or individual who adores the great outdoors and water activities? Does nothing thrill you more than jumping on a boat and hitting the lake or the ocean to fish like a pro?

Perhaps you are a professional fisherman who is sick and tired of getting soaked to the bone every time the weather gets wetter or there’s a splash attack.

Whatever your reasoning, when planning a fishing excursion, you’ll want a jacket that ensures waterproof protection from the elements and is also equally lightweight and durable.

Looking stylish while fishing doesn’t hurt, either!

Here, we’ll explore Grundéns Tourney jackets for men and Sedna jackets for women and see how they hold up in wet and stormy situations.

The Basics

Grundéns Tourney jackets are designed to withstand weather and water. They’re made from PU-coated polyester and are 100% waterproof and stain-resistant.

The jacket is durable, yet lightweight allowing for ease of movement without stiffness. It’s got three pockets, one of the chest and two on the side, for stowing small items you don't want to lose in a downpour.

The adjustable hood, cuffs, and hem offer further protection against the elements and a snug fit. Sizes range from X-Small to 3X-Large.

The jackets come in four high-visibility shades: glacier camo, burnt orange, ocean blue, and coastal blue.

Grundéns Sedna 462 is designed by women and for women who are professional anglers.

The Grundéns Sedna 462 hooded jacket is made from an imported PVC-coated polymer and cotton blend. It’s 100% waterproof and resistant to the toughest stains like fish blood, guts, and grime.

The comfortable jacket’s sizes range from X-Small to 2X-Large with a clear sizing chart for a proper fit. The relaxed jacket Sedna 462 comes in a high-visibility orange color.

The design is made for mobility and comfort to assure that the wearer will be protected from unpredictable weather. Added features include Neoprene scuba fabric and reflective shoulder stripes. One drawback is the jacket's lack of exterior pockets.

Waterproof Testing Results

Waterproof wants to ensure its readers get the truth about the product’s claims. That’s why we run every item through a rigorous three-phase testing process dubbed The Mist, The Rain, and The Dunk. Here is how the Grundéns Tourney and Sedna 462 jackets withstood the grueling tests.

The Mist

Grundéns Tourney men’s jacket and women’s Sedna 462 might as well have laughed in the face of The Mist (that is, if the mist had a face). You are assured to stay dry as a bone and probably won’t even need to raise your hood under misty weather conditions. Even anglers who don’t care to brave harsh storms will appreciate the durable protection these jackets offer.

The Rain

Nothing can rain on your parade or fishing excursion if you are fitted snugly into the Grundéns Tourney jacket for men or Sedna 462 hooded jacket for women. While a few drops might not be cause for alarm, heavy rains can be compromising and dangerous.

Professional and commercial fishers are often too far out by the time a storm is brewing. Even amateurs and recreational anglers can get caught in an unexpected downpour.

Fortunately, both jackets met their claims and passed The Rain test flawlessly. Because of their athletic fit and mobility, the jackets made it easy to maneuver in stormy weather.

The Dunk

Perhaps you could say that we went “overboard” on this one, but when a company that makes apparel for pro anglers claims it's 100% waterproof, we had to be certain it was true. Good news! Both Grundéns Tourney’s men’s jacket and the women’s Sedna 462 jacket withstood the challenge of the almighty dunk.

That means the jackets protected clothing, pocket items, and yes, the skin of the dunking recipient to ensure that Grundéns’ claims held water (or, in this case, didn’t). After full submersion, the clothing and people remained dry. Incredible!

Additionally, the Tourney’s adjustable features made a protective barrier for water not to sneak in via an opening. The Sedna 462 doesn’t have those features on the cuffs or hem, but it does have a fully adjustable hood to protect your head and prevent water from running down your back.

Other Features We Like

Both the Grundéns Tourney men’s jacket and the women’s Sedna 462 jacket are well-priced and provide an excellent value. That makes the jackets a worthy weather-proof option for amateurs as well as professional and commercial anglers.

We like that the Sedna 462 jacket was made by and for women. We also appreciate that Grundéns is a conscientious company that respects the ocean and Mother Nature, even in all of her fury.


Though the jackets are both fairly waterproof, they aren’t insulated. You’ll need extra layers in colder climates.

Some folks have lamented that the Tourney jacket runs large, but it’s worth consulting the sizing chart to ensure an accurate fit.

The Tourney is a men’s jacket with no direct equivalent for women; that’s why we chose the Sedna 462 jacket as the closest alternative. One drawback is the jacket's lack of exterior pockets. However, if a female or more petite fisher wants the Tourney, they should opt for a smaller size.

Who Should Get The Grundéns Tourney and Sedna Jackets

Grundéns jackets and apparel are made by and for serious anglers, and that's whose needs the company had in mind when they crafted their waterproof jackets.

But even if pro fishing isn’t your thing, the Tourney and Sedna 462 jackets have a sleek design and a decent range of sizes and colors. Amateur anglers and outdoor enthusiasts might want to consider this high-mobility waterproof covering for other weather-resistant purposes.

Final Verdict: Are The Grundéns Tourney and Sedna Jackets Waterproof?

Our answer is a resounding yes! Grundéns Tourney men’s jacket and women’s Sedna 462 withstood the grueling three-part tests of The Mist, The Rain, and the formidable Dunk flawlessly. They even made our list of the best waterproof jackets of 2023.

Until next time, stay dry out there.