Is The Mountain Hardwear Ozonic Jacket Waterproof? Here Are Our Test Results

There’s nothing worse than buying a jacket because it was advertised as waterproof only to take it for a test run in the rain and return thoroughly drenched, Should there be truth in advertising? Absolutely. But often, we, as consumers, have to conduct our research—research that usually involves a lot of trial and error.

That’s where we come in. Here at Waterproved, we take waterproofing very seriously. We test the claims of all kinds of waterproof products, so you don’t have to. So how does the Mountain Hardwear Ozonic jacket hold up to testing? Let’s take a look.

The Basics

The Mountain Hardwear Ozonic jacket is a 100% nylon jacket with a simple zipper closure in both men’s and women’s sizes. The coat itself is lightweight that features an adjustable hood and launder arm vents to promote airflow and breathability.

The four-way stretch material allows for a great range of movement, making it an excellent choice for an exercise jacket. The jacket zips up to the chin to give you ultimate protection from the wind and elements while you’re wearing it.

Mountain Hardwear’s “Dry.Q” technology claims to “banish moisture.” Well, let’s see about that.

Waterproof Testing Results

Our waterproof testing system is quite simple: first, we test the products against a light Mist, then The Rain, and finally a full submerging or “The Dunk.” For a complete look at our testing process, you can read this article—before you ask, yes, the dunk test does involve dunking a willing participant into water. Don’t worry. They said it was fun.

The Mist

The Mist test is by far the most straightforward test for a product to pass. In the wild, our mist tests are like going running on a foggy day or as it’s beginning to rain. Nothing too intense, but it’s cold and wet nonetheless. The Ozonic performed well under The Mist, keeping our participant nice and dry for the duration of this portion of the test.

The Rain

Our next test is The Rain. In the real world, this test is situations like getting caught in a freak storm—or maybe you just like going for runs in the rain. No judgment. It’s refreshing. Our participant made it through The Rain and came out dry wearing the Ozonic jacket to gain significant points on the waterproof meter.

The lightweight material of the coat means that you can feel the water hitting you without the dreaded cold dampness of standing in the rain. It’s kind of a weird sensation, but you’ll get used to it after a while.

The Dunk

The Dunk is by far the most fun test to do in the lab—who doesn’t want to dunk a willing participant into a tub of water? The Dunk is also the test that most products do not pass, no matter what unique technology the manufacturers claim they’ve created to make the product waterproof.

So how will the Ozonic hold up in situations like an impromptu swim? To put it shortly, it doesn’t. The jacket got drenched pretty quickly after being submerged.

If you’re looking for a jacket that you can swim in, this is not the right fit for you. But then again, is anyone looking for that?

Other Features We Like

The lightweight and breathable nature of the jacket is a great selling point for this jacket. If you’re looking for an excellent jacket to wear for physical activity, this is a solid choice. The coat also layers nicely while not being too baggy without an extra layer of clothing under it.

It fits well and is comfortable to move in. As far as lightweight jackets go, the Ozonic is a good jacket that will keep you dry in most circumstances.


While the Ozonic’s lightweight material is a selling point for the jacket, it can also potentially impact the longevity of the coat. Thin materials tend to be less durable than their thicker counterparts.

Materials and jacket density are a bit of a trade-off depending on what qualities you prefer in a jacket. If you’re looking for a lightweight coat that is easier to move in, the Ozonic’s thin material will be appealing for you. If you prioritize durability and sturdiness in your jackets, you may want to look elsewhere.

Who Should Get The Mountain Hardwear Ozonic Jacket

Mountain Hardwear’s Ozonic jacket is an excellent choice for runners or cyclists. The jacket is light and breathable, allowing for a good amount of airflow to dry sweat so you won’t feel like you’re overheating or wearing too many layers.

The nylon material also has an incredible amount of stretch to it, allowing you to move or stretch easily. The jacket won’t feel constricting for you, making your running or cycling experience as comfortable as possible.

In terms of water exposure, runners and cyclists are more likely to run into misty or rainy conditions than full submersion. The Ozonic passed both the tests for both of these conditions, making it adequately waterproof for what you will need it for. Let’s face it, not everything that claims to be 100% waterproof will be waterproof. And many things don’t need to be completely waterproof.

Final Verdict: Is The Mountain Hardwear Ozonic Jacket Waterproof?

Now that the testing is over, it’s time for the final verdict: is the Mountain Hardwear Ozonic jacket waterproof? If your waterproof definition is strictly 100% waterproof under any and all possible amounts of exposure to water, then no, it’s not truly waterproof. Under that criteria, we’d say the Ozonic is more water-resistant than it is waterproof.

Truthfully, the Ozonic is waterproof in the same way that some watches are waterproof: they won’t break if you forget to take them off before getting into the shower, but we wouldn’t recommend going for a swim while wearing it.

However, this jacket is waterproof enough for most people and earned a spot on our list of the best waterproof jackets.

Until next time, stay dry out there.