Is The NRS Bill’s Bag Waterproof? Here Are Our Test Results

Big adventures in the outdoors call for big bags. However, the gear we bring on our adventures isn’t just for carrying all our stuff. We need our bags to protect our things and keep them dry. After all, nothing puts a big damper on an outdoor adventure like a (literal) large wet blanket.

We were curious to see if the NRS Bill’s Bag could pass our 3-phase waterproof test. Could a bag with this much carrying capacity keep our stuff dry? We had to know!

Keep reading for our NRS Bill’s Bag review and our answer to the big question: is this big bag waterproof?

Let’s dive in.

The Basics

So how big is the NRS Bill’s Bag exactly? When it comes to storage capacity, the NRS Bill’s bag offers 110L of space. With the help of four compression straps, it can be cinched down to a compact size that stabilizes your gear for easy carrying. It goes without saying that this bag is excellent for folks who need to carry a lot of gear. Whether your adventure is a weekend or a week-long, this bag allows for plenty of supplies to get you through.

The NRS Bill’s bag isn’t just big – it’s also incredibly durable. This guy can take a beating! The exterior of the bag is primarily made of 21oz. PVC (a very waterproof material) with a reinforced bottom. This thing was built to last.

Adding to the bag’s durability is the aluminum fasteners on the compression straps. No broken belt buckles over here! The bag offers top-loading access to your goods and an adjustable harness with padded shoulder straps.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of this big bag, let’s do the thing and get it wet!

Waterproof Testing Results

If you’re new here – welcome! At Waterproved, we put all the products we test through a 3-phase testing process: The Mist, The Rain, and (our fav) The Dunk.

Here is how the NRS Bill's Bag performed through our wet and wild testing.

The Mist

We’ve tested countless products, and as a higher-quality bag at a higher price-point, we had a good feeling about how the NRS Bill’s Bag would handle the Mist Test. We were pleased to see we were right! It was a clear knock-out – the big bag held strong and dry against The Mist. Damp conditions ain’t a thang for this big bag.

The Rain

This is your formal invitation to dance in the rain – while you may get wet, your precious gear inside the NRS Bill's Bag will stay dry. We pummeled the NRS Bill's Bag with a 30-minute downpour, and it held up like a locked-down fortress. Torrential downpours? I don’t know her!

The Dunk

This is the apex of waterproof testing. Can the NRS Bill's Bag keep your gear dry if it’s fully submerged in water? The verdict is: yes it can, quite effectively, but you have to pack it the right way to ensure it’s completely watertight.

If you’re heading out on an adventure where there’s a risk this bag could end up in a body of water, we recommend practicing your pack.

Other Features We Like

The NRS Bill's Bag is the largest backpack we’ve tested. We love that it held its own and passed The Rain, The Mist, and The Dunk tests with flying colors. In our opinion, its large capacity and Waterproved status make it worth the price-point.  If you’re an avid adventurer who often finds themselves out on the water, this backpack is worth a look. Plus, it’s built to last and can take a beating. You should get through a significant amount of adventures with this bag.

On the comfort front, the backpack harness is adjustable and the shoulder straps are padded. While we didn’t love the skimpy hip belt, we did like the aluminum compression straps and the StormStrip closure system.


Is there such a thing as too big? If we believe the perfect backpack does indeed exist, the NRS Bill's Bag comes pretty close. We checked out the reviews on Amazon and as of this writing, the NRS Bill's Bag is sitting pretty at five stars with glowing customer reviews. However, it only has 24 ratings, so do what you will with that information.

As mentioned above, in the process of testing out the NRS Bill's Bag, we wished the hip belt offered more support. Packing the bag up and creating that waterproof seal also took us a couple tries to get right. While the exterior of the bag scored high, the interior was lacking. The bag offers very little in the way of interior organization.

Who Should Get The NRS Bill's Bag

Avid adventurers, weekend warriors, and water guides may find this backpack worth the splurge. Since this big bag performed so well throughout our testing, it would be great for people who spend their time on or near water. If you’re a regular camper who is a stickler about keeping your stuff dry, this bag would be a solid investment.

Final Verdict: Is The NRS Bill's Bag Waterproof?

Through mist, rain, and water submersion, the NRS Bill's Bag proved to be waterproof. Though it takes a bit of practice to get the bag packed up right and secure that water seal, the NRS Bill's Bag will keep your stuff perfectly dry. It’s a quality bag worth the investment if you often find yourself outdoors and get wet.

We loved this bag so much that it made our list of the best waterproof backpacks. As far as large backpacks go with surviving the Dunk test, this bag was our winner.

If you have big plans that call for a big bag that will keep your stuff dry – the NRS Bill's Bag is a great option.

Now get out there and do some big things and have some big fun!

Until next time, stay dry out there.