Are The Outdoor Research Foray and Aspire Jackets Waterproof? Here Are Our Test Results

Two jackets with one review! How can we do that? Well, it turns out that Outdoor Research puts different names on the male and female styles of similarly designed jackets. We test them both out so you can pick the cut that is right for you and know if they will keep you dry.

Let's look at what the Foray and Aspire offer and how they hold up to rigorous waterproof testing. Spoiler alert: these jackets perform well.

The Basics

Both jackets have a two-layer GORE-TEX Paclite membrane and polyester interior that helps them remain dry while staying breathable, making them comfortable to wear. The coats are not only waterproof but are also wind-resistant, so you can keep yourself safe from all the elements.

The jackets use the TorsoFlo technology that allows you to turn your coat into a cape for maximum venting. With zippers that go from the hem to the pit, you can quickly configure your jacket to vent or seal off depending on the current weather conditions.

The pocket can also be used as a stuff sack when you aren't wearing the jacket and need to store it. A carabiner loop makes it easy to attach the jacket to your pack.

Waterproof Testing Results

We ran the Outdoor Research Foray and Aspire Jackets through our three-stage waterproof gauntlet to see how they would hold up under environmental stress. With each test, we see if the person and the pockets' content stayed dry. Let's see how wet the Waterproved team got.

The Mist

If you are wearing the Foray and Aspire on a walk or hike in wet but not awful conditions for thirty minutes, we found that you and the contents of your pockets will stay bone dry. It passed the mist test without flinching, so we decided to step up the wetness.

The Rain

We turned up the rain to downpour status and put it out there for another thirty minutes. The coat performed well in the more extreme test and kept the tester dry and the pockets' contents safe. This coat will definitely hold up to most real-world uses and keep you from getting moist.

The Dunk

The Dunk is when we fully submerge the product and our tester. It's in case you fall into a body of water or lay down in a super large puddle. The jacket still performed admirably even in these unforeseen and unlikely conditions.

Usually, this is a point of failure for many products because they don't consider people jumping in a lake. There was some moisture on the tester after the Dunk, but it was very little, and the pockets were still completely dry.

That's about as good as you can expect to see in a Dunk test. The Foray and Aspire are nearly wholly waterproof even in impractical conditions, which is a huge advantage for these coats.

Other Features We Like

We know that this is a good jacket for staying dry when you're in the rain and that it will even work pretty well if you decide to lay down in a puddle, but what else does this jacket offer?

It has excellent ventilation. The TorsoFlo technology allows you to get air circulating so you don't overheat or get too sweaty when trying to stay dry. You can quickly close off the jacket to make it waterproof with just a pull of a zipper.

It makes it easy to wear these jackets all day, so you don't have to stop to put them on and take them off as the rain changes.

The Gore-Tex and polyester are very durable and rugged. You can wear the jacket or store it and not have to worry about it getting torn easily. It is easy to pack and great to wear without having to treat it with kid gloves.

For a nearly fully waterproof option, the Foray and Aspire have a very fair price point. They won't break the bank to keep you dry.


It is easy for us to gush all over these coats because we know our tester will stay dry. However, they are not perfect, they do have some problems.

These jackets are pretty heavy. They weigh in at about 14 oz. The jacket may not be the heaviest option out there, but you can feel the weight in your pack.

Speaking of your pack, these coats don't fold down very well, meaning that they also add a good amount of bulk on top of the weight. They can be hard to store if you don't have to wear them all the time.

Who Should Get The Outdoor Research Foray and Aspire Jackets

If you want a waterproof jacket that can keep you dry even when the sky opens up and drops all the rain on you, these jackets are for you. Hikers who don't let dark clouds interfere with their trip or go on multi-day treks without needing to consult the five-day forecast will love how this coat performs.

It can be bulky in your pack, but it breaths so well that you won't have to take it off and stow it when the weather is even slightly damp, so space may not be a huge issue. If you want to stay dry on your hike, even in inclement weather, this jacket is essential.

Final Verdict: Are The Outdoor Research Foray and Aspire Jackets Waterproof?

Yes, the Foray and Aspire are waterproof. You can wear them and be confident that baring the most extreme situation, like dunking yourself in a lake, you will stay completely dry. Even if you have to take a quick dip, you will remain predominantly dry, and your gear will be safe.

It holds up well in prolonged exposure to normal rain conditions and is excellent for hikers or anyone who might find themselves in the rain for extended periods. We like these jackets so much they made our Best WaterProof Jackets list.

With the Outdoor Research Foray and Aspire Jackets, you will stay dry and enjoy whatever adventure you choose to take.