Is The RAINS Waterproof Backpack Waterproof? Here Are Our Test Results

Spring is just around the corner, and depending on where you are, with it comes a lot of rain. But even if you don’t experience the four seasons in your town, there’s bound to be a reason you need a backpack that can handle a bit of water. Or a lot of it.

If you are an everyday commuter, you’ve probably been searching for something that keeps all your items safe from rain. Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. Now let’s see; the RAINS Waterproof Backpack is a popular option among outdoors-lovers. But does it really do the job?

We had the same question, but after we put it through our ultimate 3-phase test process, we can tell you if it does. Or not. Stick around, or scroll down, and let us answer your questions about the RAINS Waterproof Backpack.

The Basics

The first feature of the RAINS Waterproof Backpack that hits you is its minimal design and elegance. The rectangular backpack is simple, boosting a sumptuous look and feel. Its faux leather matte finish appears almost silky. The Rains Backpack comes with its interior fully lined, with an inside laptop pocket and a simple main compartment.

Unlike most backpacks that commuters have to convert into their everyday bag, this Rains product actually serves this purpose. You have all the space you need, but only that alone. The spacious compartment is fit for a 13” device, which works perfectly for most laptops and tablets.

Another feature of the functional design is a nifty back zip pocket that’s protected by your back when you carry the bag with both shoulders. Pretty handy or even essential for a phone or wallet while battling large crowds during a commute.

To top the elegant look of the RAINS Backpack are sturdy straps, fully adjustable and slender. This design effectively eliminates the bulky feeling other commuter bags seem to always have.

As a 13-liter backpack, the bag is spacious enough to take your folder, laptop, lunch, and maybe a water bottle. There’s enough room for your commuting needs. The best part is that it is compact enough to fit in a train’s overhead compartment or on your leg, whichever you prefer.

For a bag this size, we found the RAINS Backpack extremely durable. It has rubber seams in place of fabric seams, which suggests it will take quite a bit of work to break. The bag doesn’t give you a breaking zip scare because it fastens with a magnetic metal closure.

Waterproof Testing Results

If you’re a new reader here, welcome to the ultimate waterproof tests that qualify our choice of products as top-notch or not. We put the RAINS Backpack through a 3-phase testing process— The Mist, The Rain (and our personal holy grail), The Dunk. Ready to see how this bag fared?

The Mist

The RAINS Waterproof Backpack aced the Mist test. This seems fairly obvious for a bag that markets as waterproof, but you’d be surprised as we’ve seen some brands that didn’t even come close. Not the RAINS Backpack, though, which held up well under light mist. All items in the bag remained dry.

The Rain

Under steady rainfall, RAINS Waterproof Backpack did well enough. The items inside the main compartment remained dry for the most part. The dryest items were those in the nifty back zip compartment, which didn’t see any form of dampness at all.

From our tests, we can conclude that the bag can keep your stuff dry if you are getting from one place to another under the rain. But taking a full-on drenching? We don’t think so.

The Dunk

We already gave the results here away by telling you the RAINS Backpack cannot handle a rainstorm. Okay, maybe a storm is a reach, but the bag did fail The Dunk test miserably.

The bag does what it was designed to do; keep the rain out of your bag and keep your stuff dry. Unfortunately, a full submerge doesn’t feature on its list of functions, so we really can’t hold the backpack to it, can we?

Other Features We Like

Minimal and functional design, durability and capacity are some of our major favorites about the RAINS Waterproof Backpack. But some other things might stand out for you.

One is the dual-functionality of this bag. It is perfect for workdays commute, as well as a weekend out on the town. Also, if you’re big on style, the RAINS Backpack will make you happy. It’s a perfect blend between ease of use and low maintenance and yet is tasteful enough to effortlessly match a variety of wardrobe combinations.

With this level of detailing, you’d expect some high-end product price tag here. If the RAINS Waterproof Backpack came with a price tag double its current price, it would still be a hit. We consider this bag pretty affordable, and for a functional yet attractive commute backpack? You’ve got a great deal.


The RAINS Waterproof Backpack does come with a few issues that cramp its style. First is the rubber edges. While being a truly unique design option, it does seem to wear out pretty quickly.

Therefore your bag can end up looking a bit tattered before you want it to. Although, there is the argument that it might have a worn yet sophisticated look.

Another complaint from other buyers is that there isn’t a ton of padding around the laptop sleeve, exposing computers to more harm.

While the RAINS brand offers a variety of color options in other bags and backpacks, the color options for the waterproof backpack is limited.

Who Should Get The RAINS Waterproof Backpack

The RAINS Waterproof Backpack seems like the ideal choice for someone who needs something functional and wants it to remain stylish. The bag is great for exploring, commuting, and traveling. Like we mentioned above, the backpack comes in many fun colors like coral and pink, giving buyers multiple stylish options to choose from.

Final Verdict: Is The RAINS Waterproof Backpack Waterproof?

No, the RAINS Waterproof Backpack is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant. Its water-resistant finish makes it the perfect companion for a drizzle or light to medium rainfall. It is perfect for commutes and everyday use but will definitely disappoint on a rainy winter hike.

Still, the RAINS Waterproof Backpack delivers on its promise; you can take it around the city to run your errands, hang out with friends, or get to and from work. For that reason, it made our list of the best waterproof backpacks!

Until next time, stay dry out there.